Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Drone with a 4k Camera

Today, the world of digital photography is experiencing major advances. For instance, a couple of years back, there was the introduction of High Definition DSLR cameras that revolutionalized the world of videography. Both the amateurs and the professional photographers quickly embraced this new technology. Nowadays, shooters are looking for sharper and more detailed images and videos. The wave is now fast moving towards 4K cameras that have higher resolutions.

In this regard, drone manufacturers are also fitting 4K cameras to drones for great and detailed footage. Therefore if you intended to shoot a 4K video of you snowboarding, or windsurfing among other activities, then you should get a drone with a 4K camera. This drone will provide you with the following benefits.

The benefits of a 4K camera drone

First, 4K cameras give allow you to capture awesome fleeting moments. For instance, when using a drone with a normal digital camera, you can’t capture that moment when a bird is taking off. But with a 4K camera, you will have a sequence of several frames in which you can choose the precise shot of that moment. Such a drone can be very useful during sport events where you can capture sportsmen in real action.

The second advantage that a drone with a 4K camera has is high resolution power. Normal HD cameras come with 2 megapixels while 4K cameras have 8 megapixels. With such enormous resolution, you will be different from others and probably be on a league of your own. Shooting in 4K will be the trend in the near future hence it is better to invest in a 4K camera drone now and be ahead of the pack.


Thirdly, when you are using a 4K camera drone, you will be able to capture a sharper video footage, and then edit the video to your liking without affecting or losing its quality. When you have a video from a 4K camera, you are able to use any single frame. This is because these high resolution images allow you to capture and edit without compromising quality. Since 4K cameras have high resolution, you will have more control over your videos and images when it comes to post-production such as cropping, resizing, smaller grain, and stabilization. 4k will be very helpful during heavy post-manipulation of your videos. You will have many options that you can use to manipulate your picture frames.

Examples of the best 4K camera drones in the market today include the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, DJI Inspire 1, and Yuneec’s Q500 4K. These drones are the latest and newest in the world of drone photography. They have excellent features as well as they offer ultimate control for your drone footage.

It is no secret that 4K cameras are versatile in terms of resolution, frame rates and color. Since the movement is towards this new form of technology in photography, buying a 4k camera drone now is like an investment into the future. This drone will be very beneficial to you today as well as in the future.

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