Places to Visit in the Bay Area

lombard streetPeople from all over the world travel frequently travel to the bay area in California.  The bay is a great location for people who are wanting a little bit of everything.  It has the city life, access to some of the best beaches, national parks and popular tourist destinations.

If you are considering the bay area as a travel destination, or you have made up your mind and are moving to the bay with the help of local movers, you’ll enjoy your time on the west coast no matter where you end up in the bay area.

Here are a few places that you need to stop at the next time you find yourself in the bay area.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s wharf is one of the city’s busiest tourist destinations as it sits on the water at the northern end of San Francisco.  People love to come to the wharf because of the beautiful sights of local restaurants and shops that sit on the waterfront.  People also enjoy walking the streets and stopping to enjoy some talented street performers on nearly every block.

The wharf is also home to restaurants that serve some of the best seafood that is caught right from the ocean.  Crab and clam chowder bread bowls are served on every corner from local food carts.

Jack London Square

Just on the other side of the bay of San Francisco is where you can find Jack London Square.  The square is on the waterfront in Oakland with countless restaurants and other businesses that operate in the area.  In the square you’ll have your choice of plenty of different styles of restaurants and bars that range from Italian, American, Japanese, and Greek infused cuisines.

There are also other fun bars and restaurants to go to that are located just outside Jack London Square.  You can easily get to the local restaurants and bars by either walking by foot or riding your bike.  Oakland is a bike friendly town that makes it easy to get around on two wheels.

Union Square

Considered the most commercialized area throughout the city of San Francisco, Union Square is home to several upscale boutiques, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, and nightspots.

Union Square is the place to be for anyone who is looking to shop until they drop.  As most businesses share walls with each other, it’s best to get around Union Square by foot as you can get in and out of local and franchised retail shops.

Lombard Street

Yes, you have to visit this one street the next time you’re in the bay area.  This isn’t any regular street that you see every day.  This street is known for it’s east-west design and eight crazy turns in the matter of just one block.

Lombard street is great fun for everyone in the family as you’ll get to oversee the city of San Francisco as you make your way down this crazy hairpin turned street.

Presido of San Francisco

The Presido of San Francisco is pretty popular as it’s viewpoint of the Golden Gate Bridge is often showed in movies. The park itself is over 1,500 acres with a golf course, miles of trails, forested areas and multiple scenic viewpoints.

This park is where most people come to get their daily dose of outdoor activities.  There are several hiking and biking trails that lead to different points that overlook the city for a picture perfect backdrop. People also enjoy mother nature that surrounds them by walking through the forested areas or having a picnic on the open field.

One historic building located in the Presido of San Francisco is the Walt Disney Family Museum.  Many people come here to get a behind the scenes look at the life of Walt Disney and how he made a name for himself.